Welcome Home

Traveled to the U.S. this week, and when I went through customs in Los Angeles, the officer told me, “Welcome home.”  As soon as he said it, my spirit exhaled.  It was a peculiar feeling – the feeling of release, the feeling of putting down something heavy.  It made me feel light and optimistic and….comfortable.

We’ve been in Thailand for eight months, and the best way I can describe it is that it’s like living outside your comfort zone 24/7.  The people are wonderful and Chiang Mai is probably one of the best and easiest places we could have picked to live, but it’s not home (yet).

Home is the U.S. – Colorado Springs, in particular.  Since I arrived, my friend’s daughter has been singing the song from Sound of Music that extols “a few of (her) favorite things!”  I’ve got lots of those here.  Not raindrops on roses or warm woolen mittens, but cool weather, mountains, friends, my home church,  predictable driving patterns.  It’s a neat place.

It’s hard living “in a country not their own.”  My family is terribly jealous that I’m here while they are not.  I think they would even sit through my ten days of boring meetings in my place just to have a few weeks in Colorado.  So, I feel very thankful (and more than a little guilty) for this opportunity to unshoulder the burden of learning to adapt to a new culture.  But maybe a year from now, when we are all returning to Chiang Mai from our furlough in the U.S., we will all think of Thailand as “home,” and we won’t be so eager to leave it the next time.



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7 responses to “Welcome Home

  1. i can’t even type through my tears i’m so jealous and your post makes me want to say you suck.

    but you shouldn’t feel guilty. feel blessed and take it all in for us. enjoy. visit, reconnect all that good stuff. cuz i’m expecting you to return from this trip fully recharged and ready to take on all the responsibility here while i do nothing. or more correctly, while i do even less than i do now. 😉

    i love you.


    Uh……bitter much?

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  3. trish

    So glad you are home but wish you brought your great family!

  4. I don’t blame her. 😉 As hard as it is for you, I’m guessing it’s a little harder for your family, you get little tastes of home. Have a wonderful and restful 10 days, then get back home and give her a break!

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  6. trish

    So great to see you ! We realized how much we missed you. We will be praying for the rest of your trip and for the day you have to get back on the plane!


    Thanks, Trish! It was great seeing you guys, too! Made me homesick, but in a good way.


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